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“Often the toughest part of being injured in a collision is the feeling that no one gets what you are going through. I want to be the person who gets it, and takes action as a result. I’m passionate about making sure my clients feel heard and understood.”

I joined the Brain & Injury Law team in 2014 with the goal of being involved in complex brain injury litigation, and helping survivors of traumatic brain injury access justice through the legal system.  I already had 8 years experience practicing personal injury law for those who have been injured and I had successfully represented clients in both the B.C. Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

After studying at the University of British Columbia, my career started in 2006 at a small plaintiff-only personal injury law firm with a focus on motor vehicle accidents. Gaining valuable experience during this time, I learned how to guide clients through the litigation maze, ensuring they were happy with both the end result and my work on their behalf.

My career has helped me develop a better sense of compassion, and the knowledge to help those struggling as a result of events beyond their control. The fear of an unknown future is one of the most significant fears of an injured person. “Will I get better? What will happen if I don’t get better? What if I can never work at my job, or any other job again?” As legal counsel I help injured clients access the rehabilitation services and support they need to make that future less frightening, while advocating for them in the court system.

I love my job and working here provides me with the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of injured people.

Advice I’d give someone who recently suffered a brain injury would be to reach out for help, and rely upon family and friends. It may take a long time to recover, and the path may be difficult and challenging, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Family and life outside of work are very important to me. I’m a proud mom of three, a wife, and a dog owner. In my down time–between shuttling my kids to their various activities–I love to read, and go camping with my family. I’m an avid supporter of Compassion Canada, Samaritan’s Purse, and Engineering Ministries International – all organizations that work in the trenches of developing nations to improve lives in those countries.

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