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“My clients are a constant inspiration… Like my lovely client K, who despite severe memory difficulties following a vehicle collision has a new romantic relationship and gained enough confidence to travel on her own.”

My greatest joy comes from knowing that I have changed the lives of my clients and their families for the better.

Early in my career when I began defending cases, I saw first-hand the tragic results for brain injury survivors when their lawyers did not understand the lifelong challenges faced by those who suffered from such injuries.

Since then I have spent most of my 30-year legal career involved in complex personal injury cases—prosecuting and defending a wide range of claims arising out of almost every type of accident, including: school litigation, occupiers liability, automobile and powerboat accidents, and medical malpractice claims. I have gained invaluable skills and in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of brain injury.

In 2007, I joined Brain & Injury Law with the goal to make a difference in the lives of survivors and their families. With my experience in dealing with medical, engineering and educational experts (among others), I offer a deep understanding of the devastating nature of traumatic brain injuries, as well the difficulties and costs required to achieve rehabilitation for my clients.

Brain injuries can change lives forever, however, with good rehabilitation, family support and proper funding, the future can still be bright. Many clients visit long after their cases conclude and share stories about their happy lives, years after their injuries. In some case these are the same clients whose doctors told their families they had a grave prognosis or were unlikely to survive at all.

My clients are a constant source of inspiration, for example:

  • My wonderful client F, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and so many broken bones it would be hard to count them all, but whose primary concern is always for the welfare of his family;
  • My lovely client K, who despite severe memory difficulties following a vehicle collision, has now found a new romantic relationship and gained enough confidence to start to travel on her own;
  • My dear client D, who was repeatedly disciplined at school for behaviours she could not control caused by her severe injuries, but whose love and care for animals is inspiring;
  • My amazing client H, whose recovery against all the odds, continues to motivate others.

Over the years I have mentored law students at the University of Victoria Law School, served as a board member for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Victoria, and been a member of the Vancouver Island Health Authority Ethics Committee.

When I’m not at work assisting injury survivors, I enjoy walking my rescue dog, Sadie, and spending time with my husband and two daughters, especially around our rural cabin.

Barbara Webster’s Education:
BA, University of British Columbia
LLB, University of Victoria

Trial Lawyers Association of BC
Medical Legal Society of British Columbia
Canadian Bar Association
Victoria Bar Association


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